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Brown & Brown Group Personal Umbrella Form

Please use this form to purchase Brown & Brown Group Personal Umbrella Insurance.
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  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
    is also available as follows:

     Plan APlan B
    Reputational Injury Limit of Insurance$25,000$50,000
    Additional Premium$952.00 plus SL tax (5.06%) $48.17$1,426 plus SL tax (5.06%) $72.16

    1. No individual commission is payable to any Brown & Brown employee for this product.

    2. This premium cannot be deducted from your Brown & Brown Payroll.
  • By clicking SUBMIT, we will review your information and advise you of the pro-rated/annual premium that needs to be paid in advance in order to make the insurance effective. No coverage can be considered bound until you receive confirmation from this office.


For general inquiries & specific coverage questions, please call or email our staff:

Last Name Contact
A – B Patricia Pajak (516) 247-5845 [email protected]
C – E Lucy Trop (516) 247-5898 [email protected]
F – J Megan Palman (516) 247-5813 [email protected]
K – P Margaret Brandofino (516) 247-5840 [email protected]
Q – S Liliana Arana (516) 247-5815 [email protected]
T – Z Mercedes Marx (516) 247-5818 [email protected]